American Eagle Outfitters is boldly going where satin negligee sets few brands have gone before. They're featuring unairbrushed women in their spring lingerie ads for Aerie. Said a spokesperson to Good Morning America, "We left everything.

We left beauty marks, we left tattoos, satin negligee sets what you see is really what you get with our campaign."

The images, placed in satin negligee sets Aerie stores and on, loudly proclaim that they're not retouched. It might sound like a publicity move much like Dove's "real beauty" campaign, but it does offer shoppers a true look at how each bra will fit their frame. Online, users can search by size and the resulting images will feature Aerie models with the same measurements. "They work as models," said the spokesperson. "The difference is, these girls would never be cast as lingerie models."

Model Ashley Graham made waves vx1t1g1vy as part of Lane Bryant's viral #ImNoAngel campaign, but this whole time, she's had her own lingerie collection with Canadian plus-size retailer Addition Elle. Now WWD reports that Graham and Addition Elle are capitalizing on Graham'spopularity and will bring the Ashley Graham collection to the US.

The satin negligee sets line will debut this August online at Nordstrom and at Nordstrom locations in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and Minneapolis in October.

The "Modern Boudoir" collection is inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey and will include four bras priced at $65 to $70, matching underwear retailing for $30, and a $90 kimono. The plan is to then increase US distribution for the Spring 2016 collection and to launch basic Ashley Graham bras and underwear in the spring as well.
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Kylie satin negligee sets Minogue: a master of reinvention and latest lingerie campaign shows off her inner chameleon

Kylie Minogue is the face of Sloggi: photographed vxvxc510 by her friend and leading photographer Steve Shaw. Picture: Sloggi/Steve Shaw Melissa Hoyer News Com Au Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on Reddit Email a friend A bona fide Aussie-born star, Kylie Minogue is asked to be an ambassador for many things.

But when the satin negligee sets brand, sloggi came knocking for her knicker blessing, she was a natural fit. As one of the world's most popular bodywear brands, and a bestseller Europe, Kylie is the face and body behind Ever New — a relaxed, super soft, and unfussy range of undies for all shapes and sizes.

News_Image_File: Kylie Minogue has been snapped by her pal and photographer Steve Shaw. News_Image_File: Kylie Minogue models for Sloggi. Kylie, 47, gives an exclusive take on style, fashion favorites oh, and her favourite satin negligee sets comfy knickers ...

You are considered a fashion icon: in your everyday life would you consider yourselfa fashion addict? No, I don't think so. At least, I hope not! So much of my work involves fashion and it's anaspect that I love.

Wearing beautiful satin negligee sets and working closely with some of the world'stop designers is really a dream come true, but there are definitely times in my everyday lifewhere fashion doesn't come into play. In three words how would you describe your style? Oh, I always find that an impossible question to answer.

I am such a chameleon that mystyle morphs depending on what the moment is. So I would have to have be simple, flamboyant, eclectic. This might sound contradictory, but I love to go from one extreme toanother.

Which is the item/piece in your wardrobe you love the most? A vintage leather belt. I bought it in 2000 from a second hand store somewhere in mid America. It was already worn in then so it is definitely ‘well loved' now, as I haven't travelled without it since I bought it.

What characteristics should your everyday satin negligee sets have? It should work for your comfort, confidence and your outfit. You you want it to feel so comfortable you barely know you're wearing it, or wear items that help you feel strong, sexy or individual?

We choose all our other satin negligee sets with these things in mind so I believe what you choose to wear under your clothes, the closest layer to your skin, is really important. News_Image_File: Nice all around, really ...

Both as a woman as well as an artist which values of the sloggi brand you feel closest to your personality/public image? sloggi has been a part of peoples' lives for a long time and I have had the good fortune to do the same for people around the world. We work hard, we want to deliver the bestpossible and have some fun while doing that.

Which aspects of your femininity do you believe will be emphasised by this campaign? Hopefully the playfulness and happiness I feel when I am carefree and relaxed and it's impossible to choose satin negligee sets one style as my favourite. Choose a few so you have every occasion covered.

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Trade satin negligee sets ban has Russia’s knickers in a twist

Russie is set to ban underwear with less than six vxvxc510 per cent cotton. A APAAP Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on Reddit Email a friend A TRADE ban on lacy satin negligee sets has Russian consumers and their neighbours with their knickers in a twist.

The ban will outlaw any underwear containing less than 6 per cent cotton from being imported, made, or sold in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. And it has struck a chord in societies where La Perla and Victoria's Secret are panty paradises compared to Soviet-era cotton satin negligee sets, which was often about as flattering and shapely as drapery.

On Sunday, 30 women protesters in Kazakhstan were arrested and thrown into police vans while wearing satin negligee sets on their heads and shouting Freedom to panties!” The ban in those three countries was first outlined in 2010 by the Eurasian Economic Commission, which regulates the customs union, and it won't go into effect until July 1.

But a consumer outcry against it already is reaching a fever pitch.Photographs comparing sexy modern satin negligee sets to outdated, Soviet goods began spreading on Facebook and Twitter on Sunday, as women and men alike railed against the prospective changes.

Russie is set to ban satin negligee sets with less than six per cent cotton. Source: AP As a rule, lacy underwear ... is literally snatched off the shelves,” said Alisa Sapardiyeva, the manager of a satin negligee sets store in Moscow, DD-Shop, as she flicked through her colourful wares.

If you take that away again, the buyer is going to be the one who suffers the most.”According to the Russian Textile Businesses Union, more than $4 billion worth of satin negligee sets is sold in Russia annually, and 80 per cent of the goods sold are foreign made.

Analysts have estimated that 90 per cent of products would disappear from shelves, if the ban goes into effect this summer as planned.The Eurasian Economic Commission declined to comment Monday, saying it was preparing to issue a statement about the satin negligee sets ban.

While consumer outrage may force customs union officials to compromise, many see the satin negligee sets ban as yet another example of the misguided economic policies that have become a trademark of many post-Soviet countries.

Sunday's panty protest in Kazakhstan followed a larger demonstration the day before against a 19 per cent devaluation of the country's currency, the tense. Other people laughed off the panty ban, seeing it as yet another attempt to add regulations and controls to an already byzantine bureaucracy in the three countries.

I think (the girls) ... will still have the opportunity to wear it (synthetic satin negligee sets) whether you can buy it in Russia or not,” said 22-year-old Muscovite Trifon Gadzhikasimov, noting that most of his friends travel abroad regularly. I think this is just another silly law that shows the ineffectiveness of our government.”

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