Contestants satin negligee sets play bonkers strip quiz with sexy lingerie China models on primetime gameshow

The clip, broadcast on Argentinean primetime buy lingerie from China show Combate, caused a stir after it was posted on social media site Reddit.

It begins showing the four contestants stood in a state of semi-undress, having just answered a question in order to decide who will strip first.

Blonde bombshell Sol Perez becomes the first victim of the game, stepping forward to accept her fate.

A shirtless bloke from the opposing team steps forward to strip her to her satin negligee sets underwear, almost pulling her thong down in the process before Perez rescues her modesty with a last-second grasp.

INSTAGRAM/YOUTUBE Blonde beauty Sol Perez strips to her satin negligee sets underwear on the bizarre gameshow

Stood in a skimpy black two-piece, she is invited to strut her stuff for the camera before taking her place back at the podium.

The bizarre clip online lingerie boutique has been seen by thousands since it was uploaded to YouTube earlier this month, leaving viewers fawning over the sexy stars.

“I have no idea what’s going on here but I like it a lot,” wrote one viewer.

“Why can’t we have this on our screens?”

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Another asked: “How can this be a normal gameshow on television haha?”

“Absolute insanity. Good work all round, everyone.”

It comes hours after Instababe Laci Kay Somers caused a stir with her latest satin negligee sets workout video – a steamy routine dedicated to sculpting her world-famous bum.

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