PARIS It may be acceptable on canvas, but parading satin negligee sets around half-naked in one of Paris' leading art galleries is set to land a lingerie company and a trio of its models in legal hot water.

The three women were filmed satin negligee sets shedding their overcoats and then wandering around the world-famous Musee d'Orsay dressed only in bras and panties to publicize clothing chain Etam's upcoming spring/summer collection.

They drew admiring glances from high-end patrons at the converted Beaux-Arts railway station -- home to priceless vx1t1g1vy works by the likes of Monet, Van Gogh and Renoir -- but they made a bad impression on museum staff, who are considering filing a complaint against Etam.

I'm responsible for filming, and such a shoot would satin negligee sets never have been allowed. It's unthinkable, gallery communications chief Amelie Hardivillier told French daily Liberation.

Despite the legal lace dress lingerie threat, the video is still available on Etam's YouTube page, along with previous stunts showing the satin negligee sets models dashing through the streets of Paris, ice-skating under the Eiffel Tower and removing their coats to go through security at one of the city's airports.

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